Manifesto For The Uncensored


Mindless Productivity

It was after 1984 when I read the novel of the same name, hiding under the covers, reading by the dying light of a 50-cent flashlight as Winston and Julia performed more unspeakable acts under their own sheets; Winston apprehensive of Big Brother’s all-seeing eyes, me fearful of mother coming in to ask why I was reading something so vulgar at such a young age. When asked what I thought of the book, it didn’t take a bucket of rats to make me cast Winston aside…instinct alone inspired me to decry the book as “all right, but the sex was pointless and unnecessary.” And life continued as normal, the irony of my betrayal reduced to nothing more than an uncomfortable rattle at the back of my mind that has never left me to this day.

But forbidden fruit and verboten vegetables leave an aftertaste in the back of the throat…

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31 arrested for deadly mine blast in SW China


31 arrested for deadly mine blast in SW China

BEIJING – Thirty-one people who were found responsible for a deadly mine blast last year have been transferred to judicial organs, according to an investigation report released Tuesday by the State Council.

The Xiaojiawan Coal Mine in southwestern province of Sichuan was struck by a gas blast on August 29 last year, leaving 48 dead and 54 injured.

Tuesday’s report issued by an investigation team of the State Council blamed the accident to illegal mining and lack of supervision.

The coal mine has been exceeding its production capacity regardless of safety standards, and has falsified documents to evade inspections, the report indicated.

From 2011 to the time the accident happened, the coal mine has produced 211,400 tonnes of coal in the illegal areas, Dalian escort in sharp contrast with the 14,300 tonnes in the approved mining regions, the report said.

The investigation team also suggested passing administrative punishment Dalian escorts girls to 33 others, including a deputy mayor of Panzhihua city, where the accident happened.

Skeuomorphic. Skewed Logic?


Neon Animal Stash

Nostalgia, sentimentality, kitsch. All words pointed at skeuomorphic design with a tangibly derogatory edge.

Just to clarify, skeuomorphs are objects or designs that maintain previously essential features as ornamentation. Wikipedia has a fantastically detailed page, give it a look over.

My favourite examples are intimately tied to our deepest assumptions of these modern-day products despite the redundancy of many of their features. For example, the rivets in your 21st Century stitched jeans, the woodgrain on plastic laminate flooring and the faux pagination of digital calendars that Clive Thompson excellently rips apart over at Wired.

Commentators on the Tech and Design industries are becoming increasingly wary, even exhausted by the proliferation of this philosophy. But what if – all this stuff (there really is no better word), is actually good?

The movement to full touchscreen devices, especially tablets and smartphones, has put interface designers in new territory – one that is…

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China scraps import duties for advanced components


China scraps import duties for advanced components

BEIJING – China will drop import Suzhou massage girls tariffs and import-related value-added taxes for a range of advanced components and raw materials for making sophisticated equipments, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Friday.

Items that will enjoy tax exemption include signal system of high-speed railways, garbage sorting system, solar cells, integrated circuits and manufacturing equipments for flat-panel display, among others.

The new rules China escort services will take effect starting April 1, 2013.

Importers of those components and raw materials should register with customs and taxation authorities for tariff exemption review during April 1 and April 30.

Authorities also created a separate list of technological equipment and materials that will be taxed starting from April 1, 2013. The list included electric transmission and transformation equipments and concrete pump trucks.

Ketek antibiotic drug faces intense FDA scrutiny o


With reports of liver failure in a dozen patients and four associated deaths becoming public knowledge, U.S. health officials said this week that they plan to ask outside advisors if Ketek — an antibiotic made by Sanofi-Aventis — should continue to be allowed on the market.

In 2004, Ketek was approved by the FDA but has become a subject of a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation into whether the FDA’s handling of Ketek’s approval and possible use of faulty data was in error. FDA spokeswoman Laura Alvey said, “We will ask the committee if the overall risk/benefit profile supports continued marketing of Ketek for Shenzhen escorts girls various indications.”

A public meeting of outside officials who are experts on anti-infective drugs will be convened by the FDA in order to have Ketek discussed.

Alvey added that “a comprehensive analysis of all safety data for Ketek” will be considered. Ketek is approved Chinese massage services to treat acute bacterial worsening of chronic bronchitis, acute bacterial sinusitis and community-acquired pneumonia.

Sanofi spokeswoman Lisa Kennedy said that the drug’s parent company — Sanofi-Aventis — looked forward to discussing the data at the meeting. Kennedy had no comment on what action could be taken as a result of the meeting’s outcome.

Kennedy added that “Based on the data available to us and after consultation with experts, we continue to believe the benefits of Ketek outweigh the risks when the drug is used as directed in its approved indication.” Sales of Ketek for the first half of 2006 are estimated at $50 million according to data released this June by Sanofi-Aventis.

That same June, the FDA received reports of acute liver failure in Ketek patients, which included four deaths. A new warning on the drug’s packaging and marketing was added in June as well.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, stated “It’s good to see the FDA doing due diligence with Ketek. The agency needs to do everything possible to make sure material information is not withheld from the advisory committee during this meeting,” when asked about the upcoming outside panel meeting being organized by the FDA.


毕业季浪漫婚礼:单车接新娘 校园草坪行婚礼


毕业季浪漫婚礼:单车接新娘 校园草坪行婚礼


















New H7N9 case reported in Beijing


New H7N9 case reported in Beijing

BEIJING – Beijing municipal health authorities said Monday that a four-year-old boy, who was tested positive for H7N9 flu virus, was determined to be a H7N9 flu virus carrier.

The boy, surnamed Zhu, was tested positive for H7N9 flu virus by the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention Sunday evening.

Zhu has so far shown no flu symptoms and is receiving medical observation in Beijing Ditan Hospital.

Local health officials said a neighbor of the boy had bought chicken from the family whose seven-year-old girl became Beijing’s first H7N9 case.

The carrier was discovered after local disease control authorities tested 24 people who raise poultry in a village of Cuigezhuang township, Chaoyang district.

Chinese health authorities said on Sunday the new form of flu is spreading but no evidence showed it can be transmitted through human-to-human contact.

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