Toxins at Bhopal Still Kill Indians after One Gene


It may come as a surprise to learn that the Bhopal disaster of nearly 25 years ago is wreaking havoc upon the health of a new generation of Indians. Hundreds of cases of birth defects and cancer are recorded each year among the local population exposed to soil and water contaminated from this disaster site. It has frequently been called the world’s worst industrial accident.

On December 2, 1984 a storage tank at the Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal, India exploded, releasing about 40 tons of methyl isocyanate and other toxic gases onto the surrounding slums. The gas spread eight kilometers downwind and covered the city of nearly 900,000 people (1). Thousands were killed within days of the accident, while thousands more died over the following years. The death toll ultimately climbed to more than 20,000 and left even more with numerous disabilities and diseases (2).

However, to this day many are still dying and suffering from the lingering toxins inadequately stored at the factory site. After the gas leak, the factory was closed and all but abandoned by the company. To this day, piles of dangerous chemicals can be seen on the site and the rotting warehouses are full of sacks of poisons, which are all being washed deep into the soil with each year of monsoons. From there, the toxins travel in all directions to the wells of 30,000 people nearby who have no other option for drinking and wash water (3).

Independent researchers have reported this nearby groundwater to be contaminated with several toxic chemicals and heavy metals, yet when faced with details of these toxins Union Carbide has said it is not aware of any evidence to support such claims. Furthermore, they have admitted that methyl isocyanate is toxic only so far as to say it is a mild throat and ear irritant (4).

The gas leak was likely caused by the negligence of the Union Carbide in maintaining its equipment. The company operated its Bhopal factory well below the safety standards it maintained at its nearly identical factory in West Virginia. It was able to operate in this way partially because the state of Madhya Pradesh and the Indian government’s industrial safety and environmental regulations were lacking or not well enforced (1).

Immediately after the accident, the company tried to remove itself from any legal responsibility, but eventually paid $470 million in compensation to affected people. The average amount paid to families of the dead was $2,200 (5). This is a small compensation considering the large number affected and the duration of the health consequences, which are proving to be more long-term with each passing year.

Since the accident, Dow has merged with Union Carbide and refuses to assume liabilities at Bhopal or the task of adequately cleaning up the toxins left behind.

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Luxury Toilet Paper a Threat to the Environment 52


Environmentalists are increasingly calling attention to an often overlooked threat to the world’s forests and climate: the U.S. preference for toilet paper that is as soft as possible.

While toilet paper made from recycled fibers makes up 75 percent of the U.S. “away from home” market (places like restaurants and schools) and large sections of the “at home” market in other countries, only 5 percent of the toilet paper purchased for home use in the United States contains 100 percent recycled paper. This means that a full 95 percent of toilet paper used in U.S. homes is made from trees that were cut especially for that purpose.

This paper comes overwhelmingly either from tree farms — which displace natural habitat and pose many of the same environmental problems as any big agribusiness — or from old-growth forests in the north of Canada.

“The problem is not yet getting better,” said Chris Henschel, of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. “It’s unbelievable that this global treasure of Canadian boreal forests is being turned into toilet paper. . . . I think every reasonable person would have trouble understanding how that would be okay.”

In addition to providing critical habitats, the Canadian boreal forests are also an important “carbon sink Shanghai escort,” removing fossil fuels from the atmosphere.

Because the natural fibers in virgin wood pulp are longer than those in recycled pulp, they are capable of creating a softer web.

Some paper manufacturers have joined environmentalists in trying to get U.S. consumers to open up to recycled toilet paper. So far Beijing escort, it appears to be an uphill battle. Georgia-Pacific made more than $144 million in 2008 selling more than 24 million packs of its “Quilted Northern Ultra Plush” three-ply toilet paper.

“At what price softness?” said Tim Spring of paper company Marcal Manufacturing. “Should I contribute to clear-cutting and deforestation because the big [marketing] machine has told me that softness is important?

“You’re not giving up the world here.”

Food industry too secretive Shanghai massage girl


The food industry is being too secretive about the extent to which it has adopted nanotechnology, according to a report by the United Kingdom’s House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

The industry is “very reluctant to put its head above the parapet and be open about research on nanotechnology,” said study chairperson Lord John Krebs.

“They got their fingers burnt over the use of GM crops and so they want to keep a low profile on this issue. We believe that they should adopt exactly the opposite approach. If you want to build confidence you should be open rather than secretive.”

Nanotechnology refers to the practice of manipulating particles on the scale of one-billionth of a meter. Particles of this size behave in a fundamentally different fashion than they do on the more familiar scale Qingdao escort, producing a wide variety of novel applications. Because nanoparticles are not currently regulated any differently than larger particles Shanghai massage girls, they are already making their way into consumer products, from sunscreens and cosmetics to clothing and sporting goods. Their industrial and medical uses are also being explored.

The food industry is investigating ways that nanotechnology can be used for applications such as flavor or even nutritional enhancement, but has taken advantage of the regulatory loophole to keep these practices secret.

It is “regrettable that the food industry [is] refusing to talk about its work in the area,” the report says.

According to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnolgies, there are at least 84 food-related products making use of nanotechnology already. Yet due to industry secrecy, such numbers are necessarily speculative and probably underestimates.

“We are not clear what is out there in use at the moment,” Krebs said.

The report estimates that the nanotechnology market will balloon from its current value of $410 million to more than $4.1 billion in just the next two years.

Rheumatoid arthritis linked to vitam Beijing escor


A new study led by a Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) environmental health expert came up with an unexpected conclusion. The researchers were investigating why women living in the northeastern United States are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and they suspected they would find an association with air pollution. Instead, their research has raised the strong possibility that RA results from vitamin D deficiency due to not getting enough exposure to one of nature’s most powerful healers — sunlight.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of function in the joints. Unlike osteoarthritis, the common arthritis that develops from wear and tear on joints and usually develops only as people age, RA can affect the young and old. The disease can cause enormous suffering — it may attack the eyes, mouth and lungs as well as joints. According to the National Institutes of Health, there’s no known cause for RA and treatments include steroids and other drugs that can have serious side effects.

The new research, which was just published online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that women in states like Vermont, New Hampshire and southern Maine were more likely to report being diagnosed with RA.

Dr. Veronica Vieira, DSc Beijing escort, associate professor of BUSPH environmental health, headed the study using a technique called spatial analysis. Her research team used data from the Nurses’ Health Study, a long-term study of U.S. female nurses. They noted where the women lived, their health status and behavioral risk factors for various diseases during the years from 1988 and 2002; the RA findings were based on 461 women who developed RA, compared to a control group of 9,220.

Bottom line: women living at northern latitudes and receiving less sunlight were at risk of vitamin D deficiency and these were the women who had the greatest incidence of RA. What’s more Shanghai massage, the risk increased even more if women had been living in the north since the beginning of the study in l988.

The researchers noted that vitamin D deficiency has previously been associated with a variety of other autoimmune diseases. “A geographic association with northern latitudes has also been observed for multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, other autoimmune diseases that may be mediated by reduced vitamin D from decreased solar exposure and the immune effects of vitamin D deficiency,” the authors wrote.

Adobe称将来版本Flash Player将支撑3D技巧



支持3D是Flash的一大提高,但显得略微有些晚。Flash受到许多Web标准围攻,其中部门尺度针对3D Web图像。

Adobe在规划于10月份召开的Max会议日程表中首次披露了Flash支持3D的新闻。尔后,Flash Player产品经理英伯特蒂波特(Imbert Thibault)发表博客文章称,“Flash Player将增添面向3D开发人员的技术。从事3D游戏、网站开发的开发人员相对不应当错过这一技术。”尽管没有披露支持3D技术的Flash Player版本的发布时间,但蒂波特称,“未来版本的Flash Player将支持3D技术”。

Adobe 2008年宣布的Flash Player 10支持局部3D技巧,但十分有限——例如能在3D空间处置2D对象,并非真正的3D环境。

Adobe在新发布的Flash Player 10.1开发方面投入大批时间,重要解决使Flash Player可能在硬件处理才能有限的智能手机上运行的问题。Flash Player 10.1界面并没有大的转变。为Flash Player增加3D界面对开发职员而言将是一大变更。Adobe可能将在Flash Player 11中支持3D技术。

3D Web的远景并不光亮。包含火狐、Chrome和Safari在内的各大浏览器支持名为WebGL的3D技术。WebG以OpenGL为基础。3D还不仅 局限于WebGL,谷歌在以WebGL为基本开发代码库,提供高等3D Web图形界面。尽管微软的IE 9支持许多新标准,但不包括WebGL。微软IE部分总经理迪安哈查莫维奇(Dean Hachamovitch)在接收采访时说,“我以为这是一种不同的标志”,这象征着WebGL不合乎微软的“雷同的标记”打算,即Web开发人员开发的 代码应该支持任何浏览器。

Flash通过供给一个接口躲避了阅读器兼容性问题。但这种方式也存在弊病,例如,网页上的Flash元素与其余元素“心心相印”。另外,Flash 还引发了稳固性和保险担心,苹果首席履行官史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)将这作为在iPhone、iPad跟iPod Touch上封杀Flash的一个起因。

网络游戏是Flash的一个主要用处。但迄今为止,Flash游戏主要是休闲游戏,很多游戏大作通常须要拜访操作系统的接口,例如Windows的 Direct3D。只管Flash游戏短期内不能代替访问操作体系接口的游戏,但支持3D技术将极大地扩大Flash在游戏市场的地盘。Flash 3D技术支持硬件加速功效将无比重要,特殊对于处理能力和电池续航时间有限的挪动装备。

Adobe不表露新版Flash Player发布时光,但该公司首席技术官凯文林奇(Kevin Lynch)曾表现,Flash Player将支持谷歌的VP8视频紧缩技术,并许诺将在谷歌发布VP8一年内发布新版Flash Player。谷歌今年5月份发布了VP8。

新版Flash Player的另外一项主要技术是支持64位盘算技术。

Adobe并未将宝全体押在Flash上,它还越来越多地支持HTML和CSS。Adobe在Max会议上的另外一个议程是如何应用HTML5和 CSS3开发Web利用,Max大会日程表称,“HTML5已经成为向互联网增添交互性和视频的一种强盛工具。”

Got Gout Try These Natural Therapi Beijing massag


Gout is one of over one hundred forms of arthritis. Fortunately it is highly treatable. In recent years natural remedies for gout have become very popular. The primarily reason for this is that most gout medications have severe side effects, or are not safe long term. Natural remedies are safe to take and have no side effects. As an added benefit, most natural treatments contain ingredients that will help improve the bodies overall health. For these reasons, many medical professionals believe that natural remedies for gout are your best alternative.

Gout occurs when levels of uric acid are abnormally elevated causing severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and inflammation. Needle shaped uric acid crystals stab their way into joints rendering lightning bolts of pain. Over time, these episodic attacks can eventually lead to joint damage.

Obesity and an improper diet increase the risk of developing gout. It has been called the rich man`s disease because of its association with overindulgence of rich food and alcohol. But in fact it affects people of all ages, from all walks of life. It may be inherited or brought on by crash dieting, certain medications, overeating, stress, surgery or injury to a joint.

The best way to get a diagnosis of gout is for a physician to insert a needle into the affected joint, remove some fluid and examine it for uric acid crystals.

It is recommended that when an attack occurs, eat only raw fruits and vegetables for two weeks. Good idea to eat more of those anyway. Drink fresh or frozen juices such as cherry juice and celery juice diluted with distilled, not tap, water. Eat lots of cherries. A cup a day is said to stave off painful episodes. Strawberries and blueberries will neutralize uric acid. Other safe foods during an episode are rice, millet, starchy vegetables, green vegetables, corn, seeds and grains.

Foods to avoid and discourage another gout flare-up are: meat of any kind, sardines, scallops, shellfish, mushrooms, mussels Shanghai massage, peanuts, mackerel, asparagus, alcohol beverages, and diet soda. Limit your intake of caffeine, cauliflower, dried beans and lentils, oatmeal, peas, spinach and yeast products.

Helpful herbs are: bilberry extract, turmeric, celery seed Beijing massage, chamomile, lady`s mantle (yarrow), peppermint or skullcap. Prescription for Nutritional Healing recommends 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams daily of alfalfa, a good source of minerals that reduces uric acid. Devil`s claw and yucca can aid in relieving pain. Other herbs to try are birch, burdock, colchicum tincture, hyssop and juniper.

Vitamin B12, vitamin E, folate, and the B family of vitamins are a part of nutritional home remedies for gout treatment along with regular exercise that improves circulation such as stretching, dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, and aerobics.

Drink as much water as you can to flush uric acid from the system.

Apply an activated charcoal poultice to draw out toxins. Combine 1/2 cup powdered charcoal with 1/4 cup ground flaxseed. Mix in warm water until it becomes a thick paste, apply to the joint, and then wrap securely. Caution, this will stain clothing.

Soak the affected joint for thirty to sixty minutes in a mix of hot water and activated charcoal.

Avoid taking high doses of niacin (over 50 milligrams daily.) Large doses of niacin can cause a build up of uric acid, triggering gout.

Your healthmate,
Deanna Dean…… Cures for Gout
Rachel Mork

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, fourth edition, Phyllis A. Balch, CNC

Your healthmate,
Deanna Dean

Probiotics reduce food all Chinese massage service


(Natural News) Most health conscious people know of the positive effects on digestion from using probiotic supplements. Many take probiotic supplements after using antibiotics to replace the good intestinal flora bacteria indiscriminately killed by antibiotic use.

This practice is so well known that even many MD’s are recommending probiotics during and after antibiotics. But there is new evidence that probiotic benefits go beyond that. One area of investigative research concerns building the immune system’s resistance to allergies that affect the skin. An obvious example of a skin’s allergic reaction is eczema, which tends occur more often with infants and toddlers.

A recent Dutch study gathered over 150 pregnant women with allergic disease histories in their families. During the last six weeks of pregnancy, they were given either three strains of probiotics or an inactive placebo pill. Neither they nor the doctors involved knew who received what.

After those pregnant women gave birth, most of their children were still monitored by the Dutch researchers. The children continued to receive probiotics or placebos for 12 months. After three months, the rate of eczema occurring among the probiotic subjects was less than half of those given placebos.

There were no more probiotics or placebos administered to the children after 12 months. However, many were still observed up until age two. As they approached that age, the eczema occurrence gap between the two groups with eczema narrowed somewhat.

But there was still a substantial difference. The study results provided evidence that probiotics can have an effect on offspring from allergy prone mothers Guangzhou massage services, and the report was written up in the Journal of Allergy.

Another recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition involved probiotics administered to mice, with a focus on food allergies. The mice all had whey intolerances Chinese massage services, and they were fed probiotics and prebiotics while drinking milk.

With the addition of probiotics, their intolerance to whey showed considerable improvement with almost no skin reactions.

Today, up to eight percent of children have various chronic food allergies. Extending this study to children may prove probiotics as a natural remedy for their food allergies.

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